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Medical Centre Fees

Understanding our fees is important so that you are prepared for the costs involved. All patients are required to please read the below information fully and carefully.

The most common fee you’ll encounter is a Level B consultation which costs $75-$80 with us; with a typical Medicare rebate of $39.75 currently. You are required to pay this amount fully and claim the rebate from Medicare – either through the surgery or manually by yourself online. Some people get more rebate back if they have reached the Medicare SafetyNet threshold (it is an acknowledgment from Medicare if you’re having to see a doctor or get tests regularly, to help reduce your out-of-pocket medical costs).

Bulkbilling for regular consults is available only for some consults please contact reception for the same. 

Changes from October 3rd 2022.

Children (under 5) will be bulkbilled and 5-15 will have a lower fee of $65 with the same rebate.

A long consult, what is typically called a level C consultation might be required in some cases; this will cost more but you get proportionally more rebate. Our cost for this is $110, and you usually get $75.75 from Medicare currently.

A Mental Health Care plan has a cost of $120 with a rebate of $94.75.
A review of the Mental Health plan costs similar to a Level C consultation.

All annual Care Plans and Health Assessments and respective reviews for people requiring and eligible for them are bulkbilled.

Schedule of Fees — Effective November 2021

Common consult fee

$75-$80 (medicare rebate of $39.75)

Long consult

$110 (medicare rebate of $76.95)

Mental Health Plan

$120 (medicare rebate of $96.25)


Out of pocket fees (check with reception)

Mirena insertion

Out of pocket $150

Iron Infusion

Out of pocket $150

Procedures – Please talk to the reception to get the exact costs of procedures prior to
booking your procedure appointment. Typically, there will be an out-of-pocket expense for
them or a specific consumables fee. The costs of consumables and the specificity of the
procedures were considered when we decided the fees for these. Procedures like insertion
of the Mirena or an iron infusion typically have a $150 out-of-pocket expense

Please note that some consults regarding and not limited to Pre-employment medical
assessments, sports and recreational assessments and licenses, insurance paperwork,
compassionate super-release paperwork, fitness-to-drive assessments for commercial
licences, etc, are not covered by Medicare and you are not eligible for Medicare rebates.
Enquire about the exact costs with the reception.

Worker’s compensation or Compulsory Third Party claims related consults are generally
billed directly to the insurer. But if you do not have an approved claim number yet, you will
have to cover the initial costs, and contact the insurer for reimbursement.

A clarification about fees for follow-up appointments – Only as a general acknowledgement,
if it is a short consult where the doctor calls or sees you for just discussing results and
reassure, the consult might be bulkbilled. Time taken for diagnoses, interpretation of
results, organising scripts/ referrals, etc, are all factored into the costs of a consult. If you
are having any serious financial difficulty, please let the reception know.